• Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

About Us

Our body Indiacorenews.in (Digital News Website) is the result of Talented & Experienced Team Members. But there is always a first person who’s idea is converted into a big platform. With a huge vision and creating something unique from others India Core News is started and run by “Ankit Srivastav” also known as “Ankshree” in News & Media industry , a Mass.Communication professional passed out from Amity University, Noida with ample experience in the respective field made a way to his new mission www.indiacorenews.in . As a Journalist he is associated with State Secretary ,U.P Of (Electronic & Print Media Welfare Association), India .

Indiacorenews.in is a digital news platform built for the next advanced generation of news , with a team stands out with Creative Mind Editors, News Producers, Cameramen, and Technicians in the field of Journalism. Who has expertise in producing the best out of the minimum through their experience? India Core News is also registered with MSME as Digital News Portal .
Our company Indiacorenews.in is a building, and as is the case with any structure, the strength of a building is borne by its foundation. The deeper the foundation would be the more reliable would be the structure.

Be it National or International / East or West, North or South, Indiacorenews.in is the destination for every big news, reaching out in all directions . Our aim is to make you aware of all its dimensions with accurate news information as fast as we can . Our Nation wide team of experienced reporters is keeping eye on every small to big news, be it any beat or frank opinions on any issue, everything is available on our platform. We will tell you such mysteries of history that you will be shocked to know, such stories from books that will shake you. Our team works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to provide instant access to the latest content on the website. We as a team has intention to make you aware of every aspect of the news which is important for you.

Editor in Chief : Ankit Srivastav “Ankshree”